Columbia Amp

The Columbia Amp harkens a vintage tone inspired by its Ivy League cousin from the ’60’s. The preamp uses a 5879 pentode that loves pedals and gives you a little more headroom than a cascaded 12AX7. a 12″ Eminence Patriot Series Red, White, and Blues gives the amp a full American sound with a touch of British sweetness on the top end.

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Custom amps ready in about 6-8 weeks.



Class AB Push-Pull 15W
Tubes: 5879, 12AT7, Two 12AX7’s, Two 6V6’s, 5u4GB
Eminence Red, White, and Blues 12″ speaker

1 x 12 -$1650



The Fivey-3  has two normal channel inputs and two bright channel inputs.  The normal and bright channels each have their own volume control, and the two channels can even be ‘jumpered’ together and blended for a new range of tonal options.  The global tone control also helps shape the overall timbre of the amp, giving the player total control over their sound without having to spend hours dialing in EQs.


Circuit: 5E3
Output: ~15 watts
Class Type: Class AB all Tube Amplifier
Bias Type: Cathode Biased
Tubes: One 12AY7, One 12AX7, Two 6V6, One 5Y3


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